NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION «WeCan» was created by the parents of children with intellectual disabilities in 2020. People with intellectual disabilities will need a great space for education, social adaptation, integration into society, labor and psychological labor rehabilitation.


At WeCan, our mission is to create a fully accepting, accessible, and supportive environment for people with intellectual disabilities and their loved ones. We believe that everyone deserves a full life, with access to education, social integration, employment opportunities, and psychological and physical rehabilitation. Our organization is focused on providing a Center of Social Adaptation and Integration for Children and Young People with Special Needs.

We envision this center as a welcoming and supportive environment that brings together many areas of development for children and young people with intellectual disabilities. It’s a place of understanding and acceptance, where we foster an active, fulfilling life. At our center, we are dedicated to building strength, unity, and hope, with tireless work to make the world a better place for people with disabilities. We rejoice at every successful step forward and strive to provide a place of inspiration and pride for everyone who enters our doors.


Our strategy is to bring together all areas of development for children and young people with intellectual disabilities in one central location. This includes education, creative pursuits such as art, theater and painting, sports, support for independent living, as well as psychological and labor rehabilitation.

To achieve this goal, we rely on the joint efforts of partner and donor organizations, local businesses, churches, and municipal authorities. By working together, we can provide the necessary resources and support to create a space where children and young people with intellectual disabilities can grow, learn, and thrive.

We believe that by combining all these areas of development, we can help provide the best possible support for people with disabilities and their loved ones. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can feel a sense of belonging, hope, and pride in every successful step forward.


Natalya Druzenko

Vira Shevtsova